Faster and better drug discovery process = Chaowei AI drug research and development innovation model uses robust and highly adapted AI algorithms with traditional CADD models and molecular dynamics simulations.

Innovative Virtual Screening

Faster Examination: All screenings strart from an explored chemical space

We have explored billions of chemical molecules and have made advances in deep learning algorithms to build up a rational and explorable hidden space for de nove drug discovery, which ensures a traceable biology character. This model has successfully revealed the underlying relationship between molecule structure and their druggability (bioactivity). For each individual task, the hidden space will help us to identify and mine in a clear direction. With the help of Electrostatic Similarity, Molecular dynamic simulations and Quantum chemistry, we can find better scaffolds more efficiently.

Covers a wide spectrum of abilitise
More flexible
Faster and moer accurate

New Molecular Entity

Searching for The Global Optimal One

Autoregressive, Generative, Adversarial Network, Reinforcement Learning

Scaffold Hopping: Break the protection from existed patents
Prediction with ADMET character consideration
Custom-made molecule,built according to receptor
Scaffold-based new molecular design
AI-Enabled Drug Discovery

Big Data (Molecules, ADMET, Receptors)

Rebuilded chemical space

Boosted screening process(30-60 days)

Custom-made molecule base on receptor

Earlier ADMET prediction

Earlier synthetic accessibility prediction

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